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2014/2015 Flu Shot
Badges are ready!
13A FluShot 2014_15_VYellow_19Jun14.jpg 13B FluShot 2014_15_VYellow_19Jun14.jpg 12A FluShot 2014_15_VGreen_19Jun14.jpg 12B FluShot 2014_15_VGreen_19Jun14.jpg 12D FluShot 2014_15_HGreen_19Jun14.jpg 13D FluShot 2014_15_HYellow_19Jun14.jpg 12C FluShot 2014_15_HGreen_19Jun14.jpg 13C FluShot 2014_15_HYellow_19Jun14.jpg
Choose Vertical
or Horizontal
Our 2014/2015 Flu Shot Badge makes it easy to facilitate
staff compliance with annual Flu vaccinations. The green
badge shows who’s had their vaccination, the yellow badge
indicates staff who must wear a mask. The unique Signature
Panel allows easy identification.
Available in horizontal or vertical formats. Choose badges
to match your ID Badge, or use a horizontal badge with your
vertical badges so they “peek out” and show their colors.
(Please visit for higher quality graphics)
Please note that not all badges & posters
are in stock at all times. Orders take an
average of 15-18 business days to reach you.